Sunday, April 4, 2021

Loch Raven Review

 The Loch Raven Review has two of my poems - Liquid and Warmth here. Grateful to the editors.

Active Muse

Happy to share that If I Knew Then What I Know Now - my poem has been published by the editors over at Active Muse.

Visual Verse

Thanks to the Editors, two pieces that I had written in response to their wonderful prompts at Visual Verse have been published - Dreams of a heaven and Realisation

Friday, January 29, 2021

Growing Up

You join dots that glint like the tips of a tantrum

to form alphabets that are onesies dangling

from pink plastic clips of lisped words   

fluttering into sentences like shape shifting wind

settling into a sepia memory like winged butterflies

on a flower.


Can we spend some more time, here, together?

~ In response to the Peter's Prompt at dVerse


Happy to share that my poem THE CURSOR ON A BLANK PAGE is up at SpillWords. Happy reading.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Turning within

watch the mind for five seconds,

watch it watching itself

like an alert sentinel

realisation pierces through

the parallax of demands like a diamond cutter

shredding   shearing the flab   flak

of the unwanted  the unneeded  

convoluted ingrained patterns of

thinking    thoughts

the residue of purity   unadulterated consciousness

decants into a moment of

meaning that spotlights existence

and everything becomes clear

sharp like the crackle of fire

~Written in response to the Brendan's Earthweal Weekly Challenge : Deep Time

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

A Rainbow-bridge

"Call me to lie down in fragrance" ~ D Margoshes ~ Season of Lilac

Sunny afternoons

when I sat in your warmth

tracing the picture of a red apple

its nascent curves, remnants

of baked memories  

Fresh earth washed by raindrops  

Each the size of a teaspoon

Full of your wise words

That I missed in my hurry to find a place

Under a grey sky raining needles


Green possibilities

When I can cup the glow of fireflies

And listen to the ditties of the cuckoo

Taste the tartness of the grapefruit you once peeled

And walk, with you, along the colours of the rainbow-bridge    


~ Written in response to the dVerse Prompt: Poetics: Beginning at the End by Laura Bloomsbury